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CE4 clearomizer

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CE4 clearomizer Summary


hot new products for 2012 Electronic Cigarette CE4 clearomizer CE4 atomizer


1. Available Black, transparent, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, purple 
2. Suitable for ego-t, ego-c , Ego-W, Ego
3. 1.6ml capacity 
4. Clearomizer CE4 tank system, easy to fill liquid, can use water to wash and clean
5. Better taste and huge vapor
6. 4 string each side

CE4 Clearomizer * 1

How to fill

The clearomizer is very easy to fill; Unscrew the mouthpiece, tilt the cartomizer at an angle then drip the E Liquid down the side of the chamber to just below the line where the white cap fits then simply screw the mouthpiece back in and it's ready to go!

(A drop or 2 may leak out the bottom until you put the cap back in place; wipe any e-liquid from the connector before attaching to the battery)

Note: If you ever experience leaking through the mouthpiece simply remove mouthpiece and gently lift up the silicone stopper. When the mouthpiece is reinserted you should find the the silicone should seal down onto the mouthpiece

CE4 Clearomizer  Specifications

hot new products for 2012 Electronic Cigarette EGO CE4 clearomizer CE4 atomizer No leak
Easy to fill,clean
Big vapor
New design

Newest style eGo CE4 Clearomizer


1. Clearomizer tank system, easy refill
2. New unique atomizer
3. Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic
4. 100% no burning smell,no leakage
5. 510 Screw thread, match 510,eGo,eGo-T,eGo-W battery
6. Durable supply of liquid,no broken,more Quick&stable liquid supply

7. Compatible joye e cigarette

8. Easy to fill, great taste and vapor!!


Customer Reviews

14 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
It´s the future! - dave - 06/09/2013
these are amazing. Buy some

5 product stars
Quality Product - Wils - 05/15/2013
Got these as my last suppliers batch were of a cheap build and didn't burn correctly. Got these to test and was pleasantly surprised. Fast delivery & gr8 price.

5 product stars
Excellent - AW - 04/28/2013
Very cheap, fast service, great product. Highly recommended.

5 product stars
Ego t clearomizer - Lydia Sugden - 04/25/2013
Absolutely wonderful, so glad I got the kit. I will be recommending it to others now

5 product stars
CE4 - Bill Ward - 04/04/2013
Just ordered another 2 ce4 clearomisers.I have tried a few different companies in the last few months, but for price and quality return to this seller.

5 product stars
Wonderful item! - Antoni - 03/28/2013
Being new to this vaping system I am extremely pleased with the unit. Plenty of vapour and I have not had any leakage problem. Agreat buy and at a great price.

5 product stars
clearomizer - den - 03/27/2013
thay are really good esay to fill thay dont seem to last long some only last a day and you have to use a new one

5 product stars
CE4 Clearomizer - Dave Ingram - 03/26/2013
Good product lasts a good time and very reasonably priced. With their tobaccos these clearomizer give plenty of vapor

1 product stars
useless - rachael - 02/24/2013
Used it for 2 matter wot i did...liquid leaked...i had to change back to my cracked one (which split when i dropped it )Maybe cheap always best

5 product stars
CE4 clearomizer - Ola - 02/18/2013
I purchased this recently and its fantastic! Gives you good vapour, there is no leak and it looks funky to :) highly recommended.

5 product stars
CE4 - keith - 01/05/2013
Great product, long wick, better sealing and seems to be less prone to cracking than earlier designs.Definite winner.

5 product stars
fantastic - helen - 12/06/2012
Great product at a great price. easy to fill and work great. I'll be back !

5 product stars
really good - Simon - 10/09/2012
These are great, much better than the regular ones: easier to fill, don't clog up as easily and you can see how much juice is left. They last me a bit more than a week on average.

5 product stars
the best - jane mulligan - 07/04/2012
fab product i have a rainbow collection so i know which flavour i have in each at a glance . It delivers great vapour easy and clean to fill.

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